The Targeted Conversation: The Marketing Conversation With Your Target Market

We’re all suckers for a stimulating conversation. One that enlightens and bolsters our energy levels and motivation. One that inspires. One that picks us up. One that gets us going. What if we could have a conversation like every day?

It’s from that concept that this site was born. So, what is a targeted conversation? It’s a conversation where both parties are listening, really hearing, and speaking, really germane to the topic at hand. It’s active involvement in a conversation were both parties are coming away that much better as a result…even if they’re walking away with just a smile. A conversation that applies to your brand and your target market.

Our mission is to help your business or venture become successful in that conversation with your target market.

What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of things, depending on the action you need to take now. Take inventory of where you stand today, individually or as a business:

First. What’s your purpose moving forward?

Second. What does a favorable end result look like?

Third. Look at who will meet you on the other end of that ‘result’ and assess why they’re there.

Fourth.  What do you want them to experience? The feelings you want to leave them? The action steps from those feelings?

Fifth. Get specific. Ask these questions:

  1. Who is this target market/target audience of yours?
  2. Why are they your target audience? Why do they need to hear your message?
  3. What are you saying to this target audience?
  4. How are you talking to this target audience?
  5. When are you talking to this target audience?

Sixth. Build a strategy accordingly. This will manifest in various mediums, from a website to a TV campaign—and everything in between.

Can you build a sensory experience for your target market that will get them high off your brand or offer? Can you build an exciting experience that sends them telling their friends? But first, does the product match the value the promotion boasts? This is all marketing. This is all a part of your conversation.

Take a tour of the The Targeted Conversation and the contents herein, and follow along as you’re guided through the key components of venturing out successfully toward your target market (or target audience), and carrying on that successful conversation.

This might be just the stimulating conversation you’ve been waiting for.

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